The Best Gift for Touring Cyclists: Insulated Water Bottle and Gift Certificates to Bike Shops

Polar Insulated Water Bottle is a Great Gift for Touring Cyclists
If you're looking for a gift for a touring cyclist, you might find that it can be quite challenging. This group of cyclists is typically very selective about their equipment, and it can be tough to know what they'll appreciate. Fortunately, there are a few gift ideas that most touring cyclists are sure to enjoy.

One gift item that just about any cyclist would appreciate is a gift certificate to their favorite bike shop. This is a great option if you're unsure about what specific gear they need or want, as it allows them to choose for themselves. They can use the gift certificate to stock up on bike maintenance items, cycling clothing, or other gear they need for their upcoming tours.

If you prefer to actually get them a gift instead of a gift card, then you probably can't go wrong with a nice quality insulated water bottle. Most cyclists have multiple water bottles and they will use them way past their actual life of insulating. An insulated water bottle will keep their water cold on hot summer days and warm during cold winter rides. This is a gift that I would always appreciate because on really long tours I like to take along more water bottles than I probably need most of the time because I do have days where I will have to ride 60 or miles between convenience stores and I need to have some full bottles in my trailer in order to stay hydrated and safe.

Here is a great insulated water bottle on Amazon that I highly recommend because I have one: Polar Insulated Water Bottle Not only is it a great product, but when you buy through our link, you'll be supporting a small nonprofit that I volunteer for. Our organization, Nick's Treats, operates a dessert truck in Lubbock, Texas that is staffed 100% by young people with developmental disabilities. The commissions we receive from purchases made through our link fund our nonprofit's mission and help us to continue providing valuable training and employment opportunities for our young staff.

In conclusion, finding the perfect gift for a touring cyclist can be tricky, but a gift certificate to their favorite bike shop or a high-quality insulated water bottle are both great options that most cyclists will appreciate. Not only will they appreciate the thought behind the gift, but they'll also be able to put it to good use on their next cycling adventure. And when you purchase the recommended water bottle through our link, you'll be supporting a great cause and helping to make a positive impact in the lives of young people with developmental disabilities.

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