Cycling's Socially-Distanced Denizens

  The Lonely Legion of the Lidless Nod: A Field Guide to Cycling's Socially-Distanced Denizens Ah, the elusive "non-waver. " They glide, they conquer hills, they chain lube their way into our hearts... until you try to greet them like a fellow two-wheeled warrior and get about as much recognition as a fly buzzing around Lance Armstrong's ego. These lone wolves of the asphalt come in many flavors, each dripping with their own brand of "don't-talk-to-me" vibes: The Tunnel Visioner: Eyes glazed with Strava glory, these folks are locked in a one-man velodrome against the clock. A friendly "hello" might shatter their fragile aero-bubble, causing them to veer into traffic like a startled hummingbird. The "I'm Too Cool for School" Crew: Rocking vintage hipster frames and ironic handlebar mustaches, these cycling fashionistas wouldn't acknowledge a velodrome unless it served craft beer and artisanal chain grease. Yo