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If Cyclists Ruled the World

If Cyclists Ruled the World: Pedaling Towards Harmony, Not Hostility Hold on, before you picture a world of spandex-clad despots banning cars and padlocking airplanes, hear me out! Cyclists ruling the world doesn't mean a dystopian war on wheels. It's about prioritizing a healthier, happier planet alongside the undeniable reality that big trucks, ships, and airplanes have their place in commerce. Think of it as a world where bicycles aren't seen as an enemy of progress, but as a vital partner in creating a more balanced future. Imagine cities transformed into havens for two-wheeled warriors. Every street sings with the symphony of spokes, not the cacophony of honking horns. Protected lanes, not concrete canyons, guide you past vibrant storefronts and blooming parklets. Commutes become mini-adventures, the wind whispering secrets in your ears as you glide through sun-dappled avenues. The air, once a heavy cloak of fumes, shimmers with the clarity of a mo