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Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight Despite Cycling

You're pounding the pavement, wind whipping through your hair, feeling the burn in your quads. Cycling, the cardio king, is supposed to melt the pounds, right? But weeks in, the scale barely budges. You start questioning your reality, muttering, "Am I the only one not shrinking in spandex? " Fear not, fellow frustrated cyclist, you're not alone. Here are some sneaky culprits behind your stalled weight loss, and how to get back on the path to progress: Calorie Conundrum: Overestimating Burn: It's tempting to reward yourself with an extra slice of cake after a tough ride, thinking you've earned it. But indoor trainers and fitness trackers often overestimate calorie expenditure. Stick to a food diary and be honest with portion sizes. Refueling Trap: Yes, post-workout snacks are essential, but choose wisely. Gummy bears and chips might seem tempting, but they'll sabotage your calorie deficit. Opt for protein and complex carbs to re