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Senior Cyclists and the Keto Diet

Senior Cyclists and the Keto Diet: Weighing the Wheels Cycling: a fantastic activity that promotes physical and mental well-being, offering seniors a chance to stay active, independent, and connected with their communities. But for older cyclists, maintaining optimal performance and managing age-related health concerns can be a delicate balance. Enter the ketogenic diet, a high-fat, low-carb regimen gaining traction for its potential health benefits. But is keto the right fit for senior cyclists? Let's explore the wheels with both caution and curiosity. Keto 101: The Gist for Greytop Gears The keto diet prioritizes healthy fats and moderate protein over carbohydrates. This metabolic shift forces the body to burn fat for fuel, producing ketones as a byproduct. Proponents hail keto's potential to: Aid weight management: A boon for cyclists seeking to shed excess pounds and improve body composition. Boost blood sugar control: Potentially beneficial for senior