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Touring on Tubeless Tires: Pros and Cons from a Cyclist's Perspective

  As an avid cyclist who has been touring for many years, I can attest to the benefits of using tubeless tires. Since making the switch, I have noticed a significant decline in punctures, which has made my tours more enjoyable and hassle-free. While there is an initial setup process for tubeless tires, I have found that topping off the sealant is not a major issue, and it only requires a few extra minutes of maintenance time. One of the major advantages of tubeless tires is the absence of an inner tube, which allows for lower tire pressure, and better traction. This makes for a more comfortable ride, especially during long-distance touring where reducing fatigue is essential. I have also found that tubeless tires offer improved rolling resistance, which has enhanced my performance, enabling me to maintain speed for longer periods of time. Another benefit of using tubeless tires is the reduced need for carrying tubes , which has allowed me to use a smaller bike bag, freeing up space fo

Advancements in Bicycles: From Electric Bikes to Disc Brakes and Beyond

There have been many other modern advancements in bicycles that have significantly improved their performance, functionality, and safety. Here are a few examples: Disc Brakes: Traditional rim brakes have been replaced by disc brakes, which provide better stopping power, especially in wet conditions. I quickly fell in love with disc brakes when they came out and would never ride a bicycle without them. Carbon Fiber Frames: Carbon fiber frames are now widely used in high-end bicycles due to their lightweight, stiffness, and strength. Electronic Shifting: Electronic shifting has replaced traditional cable-actuated shifting, providing faster and more precise gear changes. Tubeless Tires: Tubeless tires have become increasingly popular in mountain biking, providing better traction and reducing the risk of punctures. I put tubeless tires on my bike a couple of years ago and absolutely love them. I have less flats and fixing a flat on a ride is so much easier now. Suspension Systems: Susp