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Cycling for Dollars: How Cycling Can Help the World

Cycling for dollars is a great way to get exercise, raise money for a good cause, and help the world. Here are a few of the ways that cycling for dollars can help the world, with more details: Fight poverty:  Cycling for dollars can be used to raise money for charities that fight poverty around the world. This money can be used to provide food, water, shelter, and education to people in need. For example, the charity World Bicycle Relief provides bicycles to people in developing countries to help them access essential services and improve their livelihoods. Improve healthcare:  Cycling for dollars can also be used to raise money for charities that improve healthcare in developing countries. This money can be used to build hospitals, clinics, and train healthcare workers. For example, the charity Riders for Health provides motorcycles to healthcare workers in Africa to help them reach remote communities and deliver essential healthcare services. Protect the environment:  Cycling is a ze

The Old Guy Helps a Nonprofit

  I have posted before about the nonprofit that I donate all of the advertising revenue that is generated here at The Old Guy Bicycle blog but I want to take time to talk about it again since I have so many new viewers. I am a 67 year old retired special education teacher. My son, Nick, is 26 years old and is who our dessert truck is named after. When Nick was 2 years old, I realized that if he was to ever hold a job after graduation from school, it would be up to me. That is why I bought a trailer in 2018 and opened Nick's Shaved Ice Paradise. We hired 2 other young people who have developmental disabilities and started selling shaved ice in Lubbock, Texas. Immediately, I started receiving calls from parents of other young people with disabilities asking if their child could also work for us. I realized that the only way we could ever grow was to become a nonprofit. That way we could solicit donations and grants and possibly be able to hire more deserving workers. In 2022, we sold