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Electric Trikes for Seniors

Electric Trikes: Your Key to Independence and Breezy Rides Note : I talk a lot about how I ride long distance tours on my Specialized Diverge but I also understand there are some seniors out there who simply cannot ride like that anymore. They are still cyclists and they would love to get out and ride but they need a little assist. In the belief that anyone can be a cyclist, regardless of the type of bike, or trike, they are riding. That is why I am including this post and why you will see more. I want to see anybody and everybody out there on a bike or a trike. Hey there, fellow seniors! Remember the days when cruising around on a bike was a breeze? Well, those days can come again, and this time, with a little electric boost! Electric trikes are becoming the hottest wheels for folks like us, and for good reason. Let's ditch the wobbly two-wheelers and dive into the world of stable, comfy, and oh-so-fun electric trikes. Why an Electric Trike is Your New Best Friend: