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Why Long Distance Cyclists Should Consider Magnesium Supplements

Fueling Your Ride from the Inside Out For long-distance cyclists, pushing boundaries becomes a mantra. You train relentlessly, meticulously plan routes, and obsess over gear efficiency. But what about the fuel that powers your body, the unseen engine driving every pedal stroke? One often-overlooked nutrient, magnesium , deserves a place in your pre-ride ritual. Here's why: Muscle Magnesium Mayhem: Cycling depletes magnesium stores through sweat. This mineral plays a crucial role in muscle function, contraction, and relaxation. Low levels can lead to cramping, fatigue, and decreased power output – not ideal when miles stretch before you. Studies have shown magnesium supplementation can reduce muscle cramps and improve exercise performance in endurance athletes. Beyond Muscle Power: Magnesium's magic extends far beyond muscle twitches. It's involved in over 300 bodily processes, including energy production, bone health, nervous system function, and