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Solo Cycling or Social Cycling

  As an avid cyclist, I prefer riding alone for long distances. The freedom to ride at my own pace and take breaks whenever I please is exhilarating. This sense of control and independence is what makes cycling a fulfilling experience for me. One of my memorable rides was in New Mexico, where I rode 45 miles away from the nearest town. It was just me and my bike, and I relished in the solitude of the journey. While I have participated in group rides before, I find that some groups can be competitive and testosterone-driven. There is always that one person who tries to outdo others, which can be a turn-off for me. As for challenges, I enjoy pushing myself to complete rides spanning hundreds of miles over a few days. However, I am not a competitive cyclist and do not partake in races. While I respect the dedication and hard work of racing cyclists, it is simply not my cup of tea.I have been on a few long tours over the years and have encountered a few groups. Many of the cyclists were ve