Cyclists: Not All of Us Are Elite Narcissists with Imposter Syndrome

A smug looking animated cyclist dressed in yellow
Cyclists often get a bad rap. We're often thought of as elite, narcissistic, and even dangerous. But the truth is, not all cyclists are like that. In fact, most of us are just normal people who enjoy riding our bikes.

It's true that there are some cyclists who fit the stereotype. They're the ones who ride around in expensive gear, looking down on everyone else. They're the ones who break the rules and cause problems. But these cyclists are a small minority.

The majority of cyclists are just trying to enjoy their ride. We're out there for the exercise, the fresh air, and the camaraderie. We're not trying to cause trouble or make others feel bad.

So why do some people dislike all cyclists? I think it's partly because of the stereotype that's been created. People see the bad apples and assume that all cyclists are like that. They don't take the time to get to know the good ones.

It's also partly because cycling can be seen as a threat to the status quo. Cars are king in most places, and cyclists are seen as second-class citizens. Some people feel threatened by cyclists because they represent a different way of getting around.

But the truth is, cyclists are just as important as drivers. We have the same right to the road as anyone else. And we deserve to be treated with respect.

So next time you see a cyclist, please don't assume that they're an elite narcissist with imposter syndrome. Give them a chance. You might be surprised at how friendly and normal they are.

Here are a few reasons why people might dislike cyclists:

  • They see us as a threat to their safety. Some drivers feel like cyclists are unpredictable and dangerous.
  • They think we're breaking the rules. Cyclists often get blamed for things like running red lights or riding on the sidewalk.
  • They believe we're elitist. Some people think that cyclists are only interested in expensive gear and competitive racing.
  • They feel like we're taking up too much space. Cyclists often get blamed for traffic congestion.

But the truth is, these stereotypes are just that - stereotypes. They don't apply to all cyclists. In fact, most of us are just trying to enjoy our ride.

Here are a few things you can do to help change the way people think about cyclists:

  • Be a good ambassador for cycling. When you're out riding, be courteous and respectful to others.
  • Get involved in your community. There are many cycling advocacy groups that work to promote safe and equitable cycling.
  • Talk to your friends and family about cycling. Help them to understand that cyclists are just normal people who are trying to enjoy their ride.

By working together, we can change the way people think about cyclists. We can create a world where everyone feels safe and welcome on the road, regardless of how they choose to get around.

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