My Journey to Regain Health and Fitness: A Cyclist's Tale of Losing Weight and Finding Balance Part 2

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Currently, I am on the fifth day of my journey to attain my desired physical shape and comfort level through cycling. You can refer to Part 1 for my backstory and reasons for embarking on this journey.

I have been cycling for five consecutive days now, but I have restricted myself to reasonable rides, covering a total of 82 miles. These rides have been relatively relaxed, as I am not training for any competition. My goal is to lose weight and return to short tours or participate in events like The Hotter n Hell 100 in Wichita Falls or The Waco Wild West 100 this summer. I maintain a decent pace and finish my rides feeling tired but not completely exhausted.

Cycling alone will not be sufficient to achieve my weight loss goal; I need to pay attention to the calories I consume and expend. Instead of following fad diets like keto or expert nutritional advice, given my age of 67, I have decided to eat what I like while keeping track of my food intake and cycling activities. I am confident that with time, I will reach my optimal cycling weight.

I have recorded my daily calorie deficits for the first five days, which are as follows:

Day 1 - 1,010

Day 2 - 1,232

Day 3 - 609

Day 4 - 788

Day 5 - 781

I must document everything I eat, even a handful of Fritos, to have an accurate understanding of my food consumption. Through this, I have learned how easy it is to surpass my daily calorie limit. This practice is the most crucial aspect of my journey and one that I intend to continue.

So far, I have lost a pound, which aligns with my calorie deficit.

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